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May 30, 2008


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Congrats on your blog and a great June issue!

Joanne Yap

Hi there dedet!
congrats on the launching of the Working Mom blog -- love the cover !! Lea looks great! Working mom is just top notch mag loaded with great articles!

Hope all is ok with Dedet.

Rowena Wendy Lei

Hi Ms. Dedet, I have the latest issue of Working Mom and I love it. I could never resist buying any mag with Lea Salonga on the cover. Since I tutor my son by myself I found the homework tips very useful. Keep up the good work, I love WM mag. If ever you are on the lookout for contributors I would be very much interested in writing for WM. It is actually a dream of mine to be able to contribute to one of my favorite mags. Thank you and more power.

Elle Marie's Mama

Hi Dedet!
The owner of a magazine stall in Makati told me that I was the first one who both WorkingMom Mag from him:-) I just couldn't resist not buying one with Vicky Morales as your cover! Unlike the "usual" covers, I find her fresh and rich with sooo many things to share especially to new moms like me!!!
Great job!

Dondi Tiples

Hello. I've read copies of Working Mom that I've come upon from time to time, and I'm glad I came upon your blog.

I was wondering, though. What does it take to be a contributor for Working Mom, the magazine? I'm a working mom/freelance writer. Would I need to submit my resume and samples of my work?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a blessed day!

Dedet Panabi

Hi Ella!

So wonderful to hear from you! And I am so happy you liked the cover.
Vicky Morales was one of our favorite cover models, too. She's very
honest and sincere, sarap kausap. :)

Your letter really made my day. It was a crazy week for me and this
was one of the things that boosted my spirits. Thank you so much!

Hope you liked the issue. How old is your baby na? :)

warmest regards

Elle Marie's Mama

Hello Dedet,

I have been buying Working Mom magazine since I gave birth to my daughter 22 months ago:-) I even go to the extent of buying old issues of Working Mom because I really find them useful in my everyday "working mom" life.

As a first-time, working and frequent traveling mom, Working Mom magazine has helped me a lot in taking good care of my daughter. I even share it with my other working mom friends!

I especially like your "Vicky Morales" issue because unlike the other "frequent" covers her story is new to me (something that I have not read the nth time from your magazine or other magazine) and enlightening. I even shared this issue to a friend who have been trying to have a baby as an alternative method.

I also like your article on how to take toddler pictures... Like other moms, I am an avid fan of my daughter:-) We love traveling and of course taking pictures. Your article was very helpful especially that you included "dos and don't" photos...

In the future, I wish to read more articles on traveling from working mom:-) E.G. "Must visit places" in the Philippines , and "Child-friendly resorts" in the Philippines". This will definitely be well appreciated by frequent traveler moms like me and my friends!

More power Det!


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