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July 03, 2008


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cool... too bad i wasn't able to join. anyways, I added ur site in my links/fave clicks. I'm a big big fan of Working Mom mag and I'm loving it! :) thanks and more power!

Dedet Panabi

Hi Chelle!

Great to hear from you! And thank you so much for adding the blog to
your links. I've been really bad at posting but hope to add an entry
every day from now on. :) It's inspiring when someone comments or says
they like the mag. Your note really made my day. :)

The scrapbook contest's been extended so maybe you'd like to join? Come on, it'll be fun. But we'll be having more -- just check in. Hopeto see your work then ;)

have a great weekend,


I just want to let you know that we visited Paradizoo last 18 Oct but we were very disappointed because the staff did not honor the rates shown on their website. We were a group of 10 plus kids. They want us to buy Php199 package instead of the P99 since it is a weekend. They said that the Php99 is only applicable on weekdays. But that is not the info shown in the website. There is no such distinction that weekend rate is different from weekdays. They are saying the Php 199 will entitle us to visit Residence Inn but we don’t want to go to Residence Inn. I told them to ask any of their superior and see if our request can be granted but the staff just insisted on the Php 199.

Anyway, we ended up not visiting your farm. It is just so disheartening, especially for the kids who woke up early and was expecting a good time with the animals.

Kids Furniture

just wanted to say that as a working Dad, I really love this site too!

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