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September 01, 2008


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Tapos na pala ang deadline, I just saw the TVC today. :( Anyway, there's still next year.


There are a lot of women out there who deserve this kind of recognition. Here's one example of someone who is getting there:

I listened to this great radio program on Monday that featured Mommy Millionaire Kim Lavine. She was interviewed on Conversations Live with Vicki St.Clair and had some great ideas for making extra money, whether you're currently unemployed, want to start your own biz, or already working as an entrepreneur!

Kim wrote THE MOMMY MANIFESTO based on her business smarts and said her single biggest success factor was having the nerve to “go for it.” If you'd like to hear more for yourself you can tune into a free podcast here at any time:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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